Friday, March 30, 2012

empathy emotion

"empathy is walking a mile in someone else's shoes" - henryFord

empathy or emotion can be delivered trough advertising but it is not such an easy work!
to make people aware and touch by the advertisement is like your taking an exam but never pass it.

the main objective to include empathy in advertisement is to capturing minds and hearts.

it can be divided into two which is positive and negative.

there is a TVC that i found very creative on how they play the emotion to capture people minds to think.
this ad is about anti-domestic violence. for me the message is there and people can understand what is all about. the way they using the kids is great.

by using TVC, the message is easy to be channel but how about if using only a stiff picture.
that is not easy. but i found one print ads that for me a single picture tells everything.
this is CREATIVE!
this print ads can give you many meaning.
we know scorpion and tarantula is one of the most dangerous animal on the earth
so they using this animal to show that AIDS is dangerous just like these animal.
just like the tagline
"without a condom you're sleeping with aids.protect yourself"
i think the picture tell perfectly!

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